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The Pounding Echo Of The Cucubano & The Coqui is the 2nd feature drama I've written with my writing partner. Our previous script was made into my first feature film produced by a Sundance producer with several alumni & cast on the team. It subsequently went on to win several festival awards itself.
This next script presented as part folkore, follows similar themes that revolve around the human condition but places them in the context of faith, hope & closure amidst a haunting tragedy and complicated loss.

I'm looking for constructive feedback particularly regarding developed characters & dialogue. Note to reader- This is more in vein with art house style films .

New York, NY, USA
Had been writing, directing & producing award winning short films for 15 years before embarking on my first micro budget feature H.O.M.E. . Since the success of this film, I've been engaged with writing the next script and possibly a 2nd one. In between, I spend time creating hand crafted experimental shorts and cinematic portrait pieces. I continue to work on film crews as I have for the last 15-20 years, while cultivating a network and gaining first hand experience with award winning producers & directors. I'm looking to strengthen my writing skills while avoiding conventional script approaches. more...

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