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During a night out at the club with her girls, Jenna discovers a picture of her ex-boyfriend dancing with someone on social media. Because of this, her two best friends, Ayo and Tiff, convince her to strategically post a picture in an attempt to “win” at post-breakup life. Whether “winning” means getting the attention of your ex or making it clear you’re happy being single, Jenna proves it’s not easy getting over a breakup.

Jonathan De Guzman II is an award-winning film director/writer from San Diego, CA. In 2021, he graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Film and Media Studies degree. His thesis short film, The Perfect Post, has screened at numerous film festivals such as the 44th Asian American International Film Festival as well as been honored with the award of Best Picture and Best Screenplay from UC Irvine’s film festival. As a gay, first-generation Filipino American, De Guzman strives to push the narrative that the AAPI community is relatable. He strives to place AAPI individuals in the forefront of modern, contemporary situations. Besides his passions of filmmaking, De Guzman is also a hip-hop dancer who has danced in professional dance companies such as Kaba Modern and an actor who has acted in films that have premiered in festivals such as Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. more...

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