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Inspired by the relationship between my grandmother and her husband, I wanted to present an alternative reality where my grandmother finds her voice. Much of my work centers around the Caribbean-American experience. Antigua was a country where I spent key moments of my childhood. It meant a great deal to me to return and capture its beauty. My grandmother has also been a very important family figure in my life and my main connection to Antigua, so I wanted this story to reference her. I find that the themes of empowerment, power, joy, connection, and freedom are universal and relatable.

Zhamoyani McMillan
A filmmaker and screenwriter hailing from New York City, specifically Queens and Brooklyn. My family's of Caribbean British roots. I recently graduated from Princeton University with a major in African American Studies and a minor in Screenwriting. I love fantasy, thriller, and drama films the most. My other interests include traveling, tennis, swimming, nature, cooking, reading, and Spanish. I have a dream of writing an epic novel and adapting it into film.

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