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Growing up in a small town in the west of Sweden I was surrounded by a lot of hyper masculine men in my environment and I had a very hard time fitting in this culture as I grew older. My story is about how men alienates other men that show themselves vulnerable and brands them as weak and feminine. This was sadly my experience for many years. I wanted to tell this story as a midnight film because of my deep love of genre and I simply haven't seen this theme been told as a short in this way before.

Stockholm, Sweden
Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Sweden. With a big passion for filmmaking as long as he can remember, Oliver started studying the art of filmmaking on his spare time as a young teen while attending high school. After graduation he used these skills and made several low budget short films with his close friends. Studied film theory/history at University of Gothenburg which he holds a degree in, and worked as an assistant director on several short films and commercials giving him a great opportunity to learn both the theoretical and practical aspects to take it to the next professional stage as a filmmaker. With his love for genre and drama he made a hybrid midnight film THE NIGHT IS YOUNG which has been selected to international festivals and distributed world-wide. Now he is working to develop his debut feature film, his most personal project so far. more...

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