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Adrian and Dalilah are two young lovers that swear to each other eternal love. But when Dalilah goes missing on her way back home, while walking through the dark forest paths, Adrian must venture into the heart of darkness in search of his beloved and face the terrible creature that stalks the forest when night falls.

I want to point out a couple of things: one is that I know there are a couple of moments where a minor mishap in make up can be seen, but it is something that can and will be fixed in color correction; I have already spoken to my colorist about this, and she assures me it can be done once I have the final cut. So please, do not let that distract you. Also, this is a nearly final version of the short film, but there are still a few details that I need to polish before I have the final cut, so there are a couple of parts without music/sound.

What I want to know the most is: is the story understandable? Do the characters feel real and relatable? Visually speaking, what stands out? How does the setting for the story make you feel? And, most importantly, since this is a proof-of-concept short film, did you like the ending? Does it make you want to know more about the film, the story, and the world where it takes place?

Quito, Ecuador
I was born in Quito, Ecuador, in the middle of the world. I was shaped by the land I live in. The rich history of my country and my people, the breathtaking scenery that surrounds me every day, and the ancestral traditions of my homeland have all had a great impact on my writing. I see every day the celebration of traditions and rituals that harken back to the days of old, but also I see the still enduring effects of colonialism and neocolonialism on my society. I see a people in the brink of forgetting their roots, of losing their heritage. Our natural treasures are exploited in the name of progress, but its march leaves only ashes where once there were vast rainforests, and all the people and animals that relied on them for survival now face the destruction and ruin of their homes. I see my writing as a celebration of my country's rich history, a melding of its myths and traditions with my own life experiences; but I also want to use it as a tool for change, a platform to inspire others around the world to do the work that needs to be done to save our planet. more...

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