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In a future America, Mari and her social worker Hena confront the system and each other. These women reveal far more than they intend in a character study of two pinned butterflies. (This is a nearly-final version.)

Arlington, VA, USA
My art inspires compassion. That’s the thread running through my work. For example: • For the video Time to Choose, I distilled research about domestic violence to create a story that draws you in emotionally. Stop Child Abuse Now hailed it as a “powerful” teaching tool. • I helped to develop, which showed children how to cope after a parent is injured or dies. (It was the first U.S. Department of Defense website for children in active, reserve, and National Guard military families.) My team partnered with therapists to create true communities for children ranging from ages 6 to 18. • Where Heaven and Earth Touch is a set of 10 documentaries about ordinary heroes—people who found their calling by helping others. The stories are designed for middle school curricula and inspire viewers to say, “Oh, if she can do that, I can too!” I’m a creative catalyst who finds resourceful solutions to stubborn challenges. I build strong relationships within my team so that everyone pulls in the same direction, nurtures each other, and creates their best work. The only thing I enjoy more than filmmaking is teaching, especially when my students go further than they ever imagined. One project I’m developing is the story of Marie Curie and her daughters Irene and Eve. Marie, of course, was the single mom who saved a million lives and became the first person to win two Nobel Prizes. She was a remarkable mother who connected deeply with her children through science. Here’s my view of their relationship: “In the 20th century, radium was measured in ‘curies’ but that’s just wrong. Curies should be how we measure love.” more...

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