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The Healing Center is a dramatic comedy, set at a coastal luxury resort taken over by a group of Native American women healers and their Stanford Medical School interns. The healers bought the property together to set up a healing center for Native women suffering from post-colonial trauma. When one of the healers dies, and without her expected contribution, the women must take in any clients they can to stay afloat and reach the vision they originally set for the Healing Center.

Catherine Herrera
San Francisco, CA, USA
Starting out as a photojournalist and documentary news producer, I transitioned to national public documentary television. For the last ten years, recovering from a major injury to my right arm, I shifted to creating short docs, video installations, and exhibiting in Northern California, Texas and Mexico, starting in 1988 with the award-winning Alphabet People, up through 2019, currently exhibiting photography and a series of coastal wood and shell sculptures at two local museums. I am fine-tuning a short documentary for exhibit at a local museum, have shot footage for a documentary on coastal public access for creating a funding trailer, and have gathered research/ writing to complete a script and directing the film. I am grateful to be part of this community, and feel committed to do all I can towards becoming a better filmmaker, storyteller and artist.

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