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The Healing Center is a dramatic comedy, set at a coastal luxury resort taken over by a group of Native American women healers and their Stanford Medical School interns. The healers bought the property together to set up a healing center for Native women suffering from post-colonial trauma. When one of the healers dies, and without her expected contribution, the women must take in any clients they can to stay afloat and reach the vision they originally set for the Healing Center.

San Francisco, CA, USA
Catherine Herrera is filmmaker, artist and writer, currently, a 2023-2024 Creative Corp Fellow with her film and art installation 'Martins Beach,' developed in the Sundance Collab workshops, and recipient of a Puffin Foundation grant and UCLA National Disability Arts Center grant. Catherine Herrera is a 2023 Unlock Her Potential Fellow mentored by documentary HBO's 'Project Greenlight' 2023 & Kevin Don't * This Up documentary director/producer Alexandra Marks Lipsitz. Catherine is a professional documentary filmmaker and photojournalist, with a body of personal films/installations reflecting on themes of belonging, identity, memory and notions of 'home,' including: 'Bridge Walkers,' created on commission and exhibited at the de Young Museum; art installations: 'Feast of Beams,' 'Sitting Ohlone I,' 'Open Doors to a Healing'; several short films: 'Witness the Healing', 'From the Same Family: An Intimate View of Globalization,' and, 'Alphabet People'; and, Catherine's first feature documentary, 'Transition,' about the election of Mexico's first opposition party president in more than 80 years. In September 2023, nine photographs from Catherine's series, Landless Indians, was featured in a group show of contemporary Native American artists 'Landscapes of Survivance,' curated by Elizabeth Hawley. Catherine Herrera is the third of four generation of photographers in her family, and with a grant from Carmina Escobar's foundation, is currently organizing, digitizing and prepping for exhibit the photography archives of her grandfather & father with the assistance of her son, the fourth generation. 'I am grateful to be part of this community, and Sundance Collab, for the training and inspiration to become a better filmmaker, storyteller and artist.' more...

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