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Moses leads his people through the parted Red Sea to freedom after 400 years of bondage. They finally reach the other side only to find themselves face to face with a frantic astronaut, George Taylor , on THE PLANET OF THE APES.

Danetta Barney
Detroit, MI, USA
Danetta was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where she currently resides. She has four siblings who are also writers, and they all love to encourage each other to continue the journey. Danetta vividly remembers sitting at the dinning room table as a young child writing, squeezing her pen so hard trying to get each letter perfect, until her paper would curl up like a scroll. She's since long traded her pen for computer keys. Danetta is co-writer and co-producer of a short film SILENT WAR that will premiere the summer of 2022. She has won several awards for short screenplays and features. She continues to write, honing her craft, doing what she loves.

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