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One year after his burial, the village of Nelson Mandela digs his body up from his grave only to re-entomb it the same day, to correct a spiritual anomaly that happened on his original burial.

Thando Mgqolozana created The Ultimate Book Show. His seminal literary works include A Man Who is Not a Man, Hear Me Alone, Unimportance. He was selected as one of the Most Influential Africans, awarded the Mandela Rhodes and Canon Collins scholarship, as well as the JIAS Writing Fellowship. He has curated literary events in Zurich and Durban and has worked in the field of research development at the University of Cape Town where he is currently registered in Fine Art. He is the co-author of Inxeba: The Wound (2018), shortlisted for the Academy Awards; and the founder of the pioneering Abantu Book Festival staged annually in Soweto. more...

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