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During this current pandemic, I had to think how to be creative and use the world around me. Being a college student and not a film major, led to many obstacles for the film. I needed a way to make my vision for the film possible with no school help. I was inspired by the work of the French New Wave and the 90s Independent Film boom. These films felt real and raw. In my opinion, making their work more intimate and easier to connect with. This is helped me with my short film story about loss and regret.

I have recently graduated from Montclair State University, where I attended the Feliciano school of business and also studied film on my own. Some of my favorite filmmaking movements are the French New Wave and the 90s Independent Film Boom. The rawness and realism of these films made them easy to connect with, the characters felt so intimate. What's most inspiring is how most of these films were made with low budgets and natural lighting from the sun. I am also very passionate about experimental filmmaking and love the works of Jonas Mekas and Adam Curtis. Editing and directing are my two biggest passions in life. I hope to enter my work into many film festivals and meet other diverse filmmakers like myself.

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