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Since emigrating from Mexico to the U.S.A. at the age of seven, I have noticed an inaccurate representation of diversity in the film industry. I came to realize that I want to create unique stories that accurately represent the younger generation of Latinos in the U.S., and their struggles through todays world with a multi-cultural conflict. This film is about an uneasy teenage girl who struggles with anorexia in a Hispanic household. I hope that parents can take a moment to think about their relationship with their children to better understand if they are suffering from a mental health disorder.

Hello, I am a current sophomore at Drexel University majoring in Film & Television Production, and working towards a minor in Animation & Visual Effects. Throughout the past few years, I have been deeply interested in visual storytelling and filmmaking. Growing up in two distinct countries, I experienced first-hand how it is like to manage all the setbacks and a multi-cultural world. I want to tell stories that uplift the younger generation of Mexican-American Latinos, and spark conversations about these topics for a better future for all. more...

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