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"Kai and his mother don't understand each other. He's working on a film that will hopefully change that."

At its core, this film is about the relationship I have with my mother, a Taiwanese immigrant who wasn't exactly thrilled about my decision to become a filmmaker. Originally out of spite, I wanted to examine my family's culture and worldviews balanced with a sincere love for movies. My parents divorced a few years ago, and whether or not it was intentional, the event slowly found its way into the film. I think I was able to grapple with some of the pain I felt when writing and later editing the film, and I hope I bring a sense of catharsis to those who've experienced similar struggles to the ones I display. Shot at the mobile home park I've spent years living in, I hope you enjoy this film that quite literally hits close to home.

Hi I'm Chris, a 22 year old filmmaker based in Santa Cruz, California. Besides having a lifelong love for filmmaking, I also have a passion for teaching and education. I'm currently a film production mentor with the Latino Film Institute's Youth Cinema Project, where I teach and make films with students in Title 1 schools across California. I try to think of filmmaking itself as another method of teaching in order to enact social change, inclusion, and a worldwide acceptance of different cultures. more...

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