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Growing up in the Chicano community, speaking Spanglish and partaking in activism for social justice, I grew up in the not-so-glossy, poquito "ghetto" and the "ten cuidado" parts of Arizona. It was beautiful and full of cariño. This story is a love letter to South Tucson and to our people.
Stories, like the ones your mom tells you about la llorona or la chupacabra are meant to help you to go to sleep, this story was crafted by the community as a glimpse into our culture of barrios, cars and long lost loves .

Tucson, AZ, USA
If lost, Roxanna Denise Stevens Ibarra can be found at her family pachangas, petting other people’s animals or practicing her violin at a highly inconvenient hour. Spending most of her childhood listening to Trio Los Panchos and learning English through Disney tapes, Roxanne filled her days with stories from both Mexico and the U.S. She hopes to use her double degree in a Bachelor of Music for Music Education as a violinist and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television to convey storytelling visually and aurally, while incorporating her two cultures. more...

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