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TERMINAL CITY, JANUARY 1981. Follows seventeen year old BARBRA, her best friend LOLA and three of their new friends (VINCENT, ANGELINE and THOMAS) through one night in their lives. Barbra is alienated and disillusioned, wondering if it’s possible to be herself AND keep the friendships she’s worked so hard to create. As her feelings of isolation increase she has to weigh which is more important to her: having friends who like the person she pretends to be, or being honest about who she feels she is and risking being alone for the first time in a long time.

Lucy Hart is a Canadian filmmaker and artist. Lucy has been working in the film industry in front of and behind the camera for since she was a child. On set she is often writer, director, editor and production designer all in one. Apart from filmmaking, Lucy loves cooking, travelling, photography, music, fashion and her friends. more...

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