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A screenplay by Ken Droz.
(Based on the book, “TOPLESS PROPHET: The True Story of America’s Most Successful Gentleman’s Club Entrepreneur” by Alan Markovitz)

Alan Markovitz was a rebellious suburban Detroit teen with an uncertain
future, driving his father Max crazy, while also battling Max’s Holocaust survivor’s
shadow. After exposure to his neighbor’s topless club, Alan (with Max’s help) soon
buys his own club, committed to elevating the bar of what is an often unsavory
genre. As Alan expands with groundbreaking upscale new establishments, he
encounters numerous crazy events including multiple murder attempts, a
marauding biker gang, a mayoral sit-down, 1st Amendment court battles, the birth
of the lap dance and probably most challenging, the scrutiny of his austere father.

While not a lurid tale, it is a rare behind-the-scenes look at an iconic, yet
notorious world, but also the remarkable true story of an unlikely Jewish kid whose
tenacity and ingenuity helps him transform an industry. And at its core…a fatherson
love story.

Detroit, MI, USA

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