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Sugar Baby addresses numerous insecurities I have had as both a teenager and as a woman today regarding my friendships, body size, sexuality, and views on religion. I believe as a storyteller that comedy can be used to make some uncomfortable things more digestible for its audience. As a plus size woman, I have always found making people laugh in social settings inviting not only for them, but for myself. I think I developed this as a coping mechanism and in result wanted to use that to tackle these ideas with a sort of ironic confidence.

Jordan Vescio is a writer, director, and photographer born and raised in Kentucky. She found her knack for storytelling from her background in community theatre which later flourished through other mediums such as film and photography. Her stories are rooted in the truth of female-focused relationships inspired by her own journey of adolescence. Vescio is known for her work in The Few Between, Our Side, and Hot Hand Hour. Pink Flamingos Everywhere is her first passion project, followed by a soon-to-be-comedy short film, Sugar Baby. more...

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