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I'm a produced feature, TV drama writer, NYC playwright, NHMC Television Writing Fellow, and from 2017-2018 was part of the new trend of ad hoc Writer's Rooms - run by TV Ep Roger Wolfson. I have a Script Feedback company: - but, am looking for feedback on my works-in-progress. I have some notable TV talent that have sent letters of intent to attach to this series, based on a Series pitch to talent mentioned - and am about to send them this pilot episode. Talent: Berto Colon ( Orange is the New Black), Rene Rosado (The Conors/Major Crimes) Luis Antonio Ramos ( Power), Adrian Nunez ( Yucatan).

Log Line: A self-destructive, lone wolf ex-basketball player (who quickly sabotaged his own NBA playing career)- now on fire to do the impossible - create an NBA franchise in the drowning, Puerto Rican ghetto he grew up in - is suddenly forced to shepherd 3 teens to manhood.

Imagine...the hope of Friday Night Lights - but the gritty societal commentary of The Wire, American Crime, or The Deuce.

Jorge Perez
My path in life has been fueled by passionate curiosity. I begged my Mom to teach me to read when I was four. She finally relented when I was five, after I said ‘ I can’t be a writer until you teach me to read!’ Reading fueled the fire. As a 3rd grader, my first poem, THINGS GOD MADE, was published. Two influential teachers taught that the best writers write from exploration, curiosity, and observation. My energy has always been expressed athletically AND artistically - which allowed for travel and mixing with all types. The by- product is that I’ve gone deep into different worlds and experienced every point – and type of person- on the often-cited ‘circle of life’. In high school, I studied and played football and basketball with an almost all-White Student body. After school, I’d sneak off to perform spoken word at the Nuyorican Poets Café in Harlem - dealing with vastly different crowds. My stories/performances tried to show the commonalities under our differences. I went to Villanova - and every summer was spent in a different locale. I lived in Cape Cod with Dubliners, 10 people from Belfast in Atlantic City, and followed that by bartending on a mountain in Steamboat Springs, Colorado – interacting with local cowboys, Austrian tourists and Kiwis (New Zealand natives). The perspectives gained inspired the coming-to-knowledge feature-script TRAVEL ON, AVALON. I then created a hospitality school in Northern NJ and Miami, where I had dangerous run-ins with the MAFIA (they tried to strong–arm my business). That inspired the dramatic thriller THREE CARD MONTE. In the following years my passion for basketball was cultivated as a coach – where I interacted mainly with Blacks in Jersey City. This provided the basis for SHOOTING STARS (a scripted drama series). During those times I experienced the highest of highs (winning a state championship) and lowest of lows - my most intimate relationship ended after we lost our child in the latter stages of pregnancy… I moved back to NYC and had my first play- and a TV pilot- produced while working for the Emmy Winning Digital Kitchen. In 2011, I moved to LA to pursue writing full time, won an NHMC TV Fellowship in 2014, and been hired to write screenplays since (details on resume’). Diversity is not just cultural absorption, or being part of a minority - though that does influence. Choosing different experiences/people to immerse yourself in LIFE with- applying your energy in road-less-traveled ways - makes you diverse. I’ve been lucky. My varied past (professionally, academically, experientially) has provided a grounded world-view and people skills that would contribute significantly in a television writing room… As I've circled the world over the years, one constant remains (if the locale of where I'm writing has often changed): I still write with a sense of passionate curiosity about what I see and experience, and I share that though story.

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