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The screenplay that I'm submitting for feedback is an English translation of the original Spanish-language screenplay I wrote with my mother, Laura Garcia. She contributed as a historian who lived to tell these dramatic, thrilling true stories. I’m submitting a near-final version of the script. Please note that Spanish-language nuances are often lost in translation, as well as the formalities that existed in the late 50s. The Spanish version of the script is available upon request. I would like to receive feedback mainly on the first 10 pages (since they're so critical), but please do not stop there. Since the stories take place in Cuba, I would like the script produced in Spanish to maintain its authenticity, as well as to appeal to the booming Hispanic market. In addition, I'm interested in transforming the script into a Spanish episodic TV series and would be grateful for feedback regarding this prospect. When the script ends, the second season of the TV series would continue the three families’ journeys after their migration from Cuba and arrival in the US - with only two suitcases in their hands. Just when they thought life would return to normalcy, they must learn a foreign language, find work, a home, provide for their children and deal with the pleasant and unpleasant surprises that life inevitably springs on all of us.

About the screenplay; Cada Alma is a period piece based on the true life stories of three interrelated families who willingly and unwillingly have to flee Cuba - risking tragic consequences during the early days of Fidel Castro’s communist reign. By telling the story from the up-close and personal point of view of real citizens of Cuba, we see how this regime upended their lives and witness the extraordinary changes they made to survive. This narrative accurately delineates the hard choices to be made and the endurance of the human spirit when freedom is lost. Great family themes show all sides of the characters while revealing the oppression and tyranny of Castro and his ilk. This moving piece will serve as a reminder of what power-mongering can do to an individual, a family and a nation while also showing that the greater love for family conquers fear. Important, timely, poignant and emotionally driven, this is a script that needs to be produced.

Maria Celia Garcia
Sacramento, CA, USA
When Maria Celia Garcia was 6 years old, she went to her first American grocery store with her mother. They stood in the bread aisle staring at the endless shelves of colorful packaging. Maria asked her mom, “are all those bread?” and she nodded yes. Maria asked, “Can we have one?” Her mom responded, “We can have as many as we would like my baby.” In 1966, after escaping from Cuba, Maria and her family settled in Silicon Valley where she grew up and joined the technological revolution. After 30+ years of working in this arena, she gave herself an extraordinary gift for her 50th birthday - she changed careers and honored her calling as an artist and screenwriter with a meaningful story to tell. Years later, Maria continues to shop producers to secure funding for her Spanish-language screenplay, Cada Alma which recounts her family’s life-rattling experience after denouncing Fidel Castro’s regime and plotting their escape from their beloved island. Maria is also working on a dramedy TV series about the lives of older lesbians and their quest to find love. Maria's career goal is to become a produced writer of social impact stories that spotlight relevant conflicts experienced by people in the US and around the world.

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