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Like many people during the pandemic, my family and I have endured all kinds of challenges including navigating intense emotional terrain individually and together as a bi-racial family. Working with my own children as actors in "Shipwreck", the film was an avenue for personal expression while paying homage to the collective loss in our world. The goal was to create something impactful with a minuscule crew of 2 people during the summer lockdown in Los Angeles.

Lisa Cole
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Lisa Cole writes screenplays, directs shorts and is working on her directorial feature film debut She ALSO: *lived with 201 host families in 12 countries in 3 years *Dreams of owning a Mezcalaria and believes she must have Latin ancestry, although 23andme and Ancestry.com both claim she has none *breastfed her adopted infant daughter for fifteen months much to the bewilderment of medical professionals, who really should know better

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