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After a series of unfortunate events, life has left Mossie with a very sour taste in her mouth. She soon meets Nikolai and Venus, her downstairs neighbors. Through their blossoming friendship Mossie learns, like candy, situations that are coated with a sour outside, often have a very sweet inside if you give life a chance to show you. This is a comedic story that breaks the fourth-wall to discuss friendship, womanhood, and how life has a very funny way of redirecting your plans.

Ayron La'Vell Walker is a filmmaker based in Dallas, Texas. With two degrees in Film and Creative Writing, she is passionate about the art of storytelling both on paper and the big screen. Ayron seeks to evolve Texas' role in the film industry by bringing forth fresh, fun, and timely stories that leave audiences with a new perspective on life. In addition to this, Ayron also has extensive experience and passion for film and digital photography as CEO of Ayron Visuals. She has always found pleasure in turning seemingly mundane moments into visual masterpieces. Ayron is currently in the process of working on multiple short films and short stories. She intends to go on to publish novels and use her knowledge of filmmaking to adapt them for the big screen. more...

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