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As a playwright, I've been studying and trying to learn the craft of screenwriting. The 10 pages I submitted are apart of a feature that I am working on. I've written a few pilots and web-series but this is my first feature. Because of my background in theatre and playwriting, I tend to write very dialogue-heavy pieces and I'm trying to learn how to add more action-driven to my stories to balance out or dialogue. This is a story about two strangers who are both running from their lives in search of their own identities.

I am a playwright living and working in NYC and just had my first production in NYC earlier this month.

Charlotte, NC, USA
My background is in theatre with just recently graduating with an MFA in Playwriting. I found I was limiting myself to only the stage and began exploring writing for TV/Film. I recently completed a webseries for a small production company in Charlotte and recently finished a webseries that will begin filming in a few weeks. I'm still very new to screenwriting but I've been writing scripts for almost 10 years. I am very excited and eager to learn more. more...

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