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Pizzicato is a film that explores play. Through my work with children, I have come to realize the importance of play in childhood development. I began to wonder why adults seemingly cease to play. Play is about learning, becoming, and testing out new ideas in familiar environments before putting our theories into practice in the real world. COVID-19 trapped us in our homes and neighborhoods, but through imagination and play, there are endless possibilities for growth and excitement.

Berlin, Germany
SARA LOVERING explores imagined dichotomies through the framework of film, video, and photo. Mutation of the rigid structure found in subject/object relationships and binaries of gender and sexuality are common themes that permeate through the media of this Berlin-based artist. Lovering is from Seattle, WA and studied Film/Video at Pratt Insitute in Brooklyn, NY. Lovering’s work has been exhibited at Microscope Gallery (NYC), Beursschouwburg (Brussels), Die Fabrik (Berlin), Galeria Zé dos Bois (Lisbon), Museum der Bildende Kunst (Leipzig), Seattle Art Museum, and Tacoma Art Museum. more...

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