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Li Qing went to Dongguan, China with her mother to look for the disappeared father, who is a Taiwanese businessman. During the days, they met a private chauffeur named Chen. However, their journey was not easy under the lead of Chen, and they experienced a journey with endless stories to seek her father.

New York, NY, USA
Yu-Han Tsai is a Taiwanese-born filmmaker based in New York. She spent 14 years living in China before returning to Taiwan for university, shaping her unique perspective on cross-cultural issues. Her first film, "The Tour," explores the complex and ambiguous relationship between Chinese and Taiwanese people and received full funding from the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture's short film program. During her MFA at Columbia University, Tsai created works addressing struggles in romantic relationships, sexuality, and broader Asian issues. Her films have won several awards, including Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction, and Best Picture at Taiwan's Golden Harvest Awards, and has been featured at notable film festivals like the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival, Nitehawk Film Festival, Beijing and Shanghai Film Festivals, and on Taiwanese television. By blending her personal experiences in China and the US with themes of identity and sovereignty, Tsai creates original, intimate portrayals of the female experience. more...

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