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Li Qing went to Dongguan, China with her mother to look for the disappeared father, who is a Taiwanese businessman. During the days, they met a private chauffeur named Chen. However, their journey was not easy under the lead of Chen, and they experienced a journey with endless stories to seek her father.

New York, NY, USA
My upbringing in China was insular. Behind the gates of our school solely for Taiwanese natives, we were taught a different history from our neighbors – and how to keep it to ourselves. The faces outside felt similar, but different. They would look in at us, and we, them, guessing the other's reality with curious gaze, and polite distance. Reality shifted again when returning to Taiwan for college. Homecoming was more a trip abroad. I remained a stranger, now finding myself defending those who I once defined myself against. This conflicting existence has lingered and lead to this story. Now I'm in Columbia University Film MFA program. more...

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