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Logline: Based on true events, One of US follows a Caucasian mothers first encounter with police brutality happening to her Black son...over the phone.

Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Synopsis: After learning that her son Perry stole the car to go to a party, Teresa scolds him over the phone for his foolish behavior. Moments later Perry is pulled over for speeding. Understanding that a traffic stop for her son is a serious situation, Teresa gives her son an instruction that she believes is wise only to see it backfire into a tirade of aggression and fear. Even with her husband Gabe intervening, Teresa is forced to endure hearing her offspring being harmed and helpless.

I was inspired not only from this true event that I learned about reading an article on police brutality, but I am faced with my mothers consistent fear of my safety. In her justified paranoia, teaching me how to act and speak around Police officers was her highest priority. My goal writing and directing this project was to showcase that motherly fear and suspense in a cinematic way.

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Atlanta, GA, USA
With my hometown of Chicago in my rear-view mirror, I landed in Atlanta, GA hoping to further my independent career as a writer-director. Though I earned a Bachelors in Communication Management, earning a Certification as a Home Inspector, Roof Inspector, and Mold Inspector actually put food on the table. Being a self-employed Contractor has awarded me the time to focus more on the craft of storytelling, which lead me to earn the Mississippi Film Grant. This grant awarded 10k to the top screenplay in the state to produce a feature film. This feature film titled "Mentee" was my directorial debut and opened city-wide to multiple packed theater screenings. Sometime late I felt confident to structure the same screenplay into a one- hour drama pilot which became a semi-finalist in the 2018 MACRO Ventures and Blacklist pilot competition. My goal is that hard work will allow me to become an Executive Producer on my own TV series and Direct Feature films and TV dramas. more...

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