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Thanos, a young Athenian writer, no longer finding the inspiration to write and fighting against the idea of not being good enough, lives a boring routine full of solitude.

Athens, Greece
Alex Charitou was born in 1998 in Athens, Greece. He raised in a polyglot family, an Italian mother and a Franco-Cypriot father on the Greek island of Paros. 
He attended classical high school and studied Latin and ancient Greek in Turin, Italy. After graduation he moved back to Greece where he worked as assistant in several short films, features and commercials and as director for greek Tv's reportage.
In 2018 he attended a directing seminar and produced in 2019 his first short movie "Nothing To Do". Now he is completing a Bachelor's degree in film production at the SAE institute of Athens. He is currently at the script development of his second short film "Feggitis". more...

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