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It’s Sunday, October 28, 2018. Election day in Brazil. ALEX ANDRÉ is reading a Brazilian magazine while his son BETO enters the room impetuously. It is the first time BETO can vote for Presidency. But his father has confiscated his ID because he does not agree with his son's political choices.

London, UK
I first asked my granddad for a typewriter as a birthday gift when I was nine. Writing is like an addiction to me, a driving force for all activities in my life. I have worked as a proofreader, translator, editor, PR agent, professor, film reviewer, marketing and press manager, using my writing skills in many languages. I can fill this resume with attention-grabbing and flowery words like "hardworking", "creative", "self-driven", "reliable", "elegant", "smiley", and so on, but we all know that these vacuous phrases mean nothing. It is determination and resilience that make a difference. And once I embrace a project or a cause, I can persuade even Putin to jump on board.

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