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This is a project intended to develop into a feature, but I am producing it first in short form next month. We are in the final few weeks of preproduction, but would love some outside feedback. The goal was to work within the popular superhero genre and try to subvert its cliches, focusing inward on an older character with an estranged family moreso than the action and plot heavy tropes of the genre.

I've recently screened two short documentaries at the New Orleans and Denver Film Festivals that I directed and shot this year ("Taxidermy in Action" and "Jim's Camelot"). And I released a feature narrative film project I wrote, directed, and shot, "Clowns & Robbers" for free on Amazon and Youtube this summer.

Shreveport, LA, USA
Born and raised in the swamps and suburbs of Northwest Louisiana, I first started making films over 15 years ago in high school, majored in graphic design in college, and have spent the last ten years making my own films and running my own commercial video production company that supports my passion. I've made 3 original narrative features and a documentary feature over the last decade, as well as several narrative and documentary shorts. They've all been self financed and have played in the New Orleans, Kansas City, Phoenix and Denver film festivals. I write, direct, shoot, and edit all of my films. more...

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