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To be the person filming is to discover that the presence of a camera transforms all relationships. To film is to bring the future into the present and to see in ways that you cannot without a camera. With over 30 years of observational documentary cinematography experience, Kirsten Johnson has as many questions as ever. In this online Master Class, Kirsten, whose credits include Cameraperson, Dick Johnson is Dead and Citizenfour, shares the contradictions and joys of cinematography with anyone who is thinking about what filming is and can be.


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Topics covered include: 

    00:00 - Introduction from Sundance Collab

    00:05 - Using Contradictions to Define Who You Are as a Filmmaker

    22:40 - The Inherent Power in Recording Others

    30:50 - Why Do People Let Us Film Them, and How Does That Change Over Time?

    36:43 - How the Images We Create Impact Our Future

    48:45 - Q&A

    01:19 - Defining What You Want to Say - As an Individual and in a Community

    01:26 - Letting Your Interests Define Your Creative Process

    01:49 - Q&A

    02:18 - Embracing the Unknown While Crafting a Story

    02:42 - Closing Remarks

Kirsten Johnson’s DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD premiered at Sundance 2020 where it won the Jury Prize for Innovation in Nonfiction Storytelling. It then went on to win Best Documentary and Best Director for the Critic’s Choice Award, Best Editing and Best Writing from the IDA, Best Director from Cinema Eye as well as being included on dozens of top films of 2020 lists and making the Oscar shortlist. Her previous film, CAMERAPERSON, named New York Times ‘Top Ten Films of 2016’ was also shortlisted for the Academy Award. more...

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