Kirsten Johnson


Kirsten Johnson’s DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD premiered at Sundance 2020 where it won the Jury Prize for Innovation in Nonfiction Storytelling. It then went on to win Best Documentary and Best Director for the Critic’s Choice Award, Best Editing and Best Writing from the IDA, Best Director from Cinema Eye as well as being included on dozens of top films of 2020 lists and making the Oscar shortlist. Her previous film, CAMERAPERSON, named New York Times ‘Top Ten Films of 2016’ was also shortlisted for the Academy Award. Her short, THE ABOVE was nominated for the IDA’s ‘Best Short Award’ for 2016. Her camerawork appears in Academy Award winner CITIZEN FOUR, Academy nominated THE INVISIBLE WAR, and Cannes Winner FAHRENHEIT 9/11. She is one of the only 5% of women members of American Society of Cinematographers.