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Our earth, our living nature, is a safe haven of peace for all kinds of life.

We look forward to our mother earth for bringing peace to all these forms of life.

She is the one who concentrates on breathing new life into the bosom of nature through its lights, colors, smells, and rhythms.

Mother Earth is hot, tired, and exhausted today. All peaceful life is visible in the wide turmoil.

It's time to realize our mother earth's nature in the vision of a world of peace, we all living beings will be eternally grateful to our great Mother Earth.

Present stage of this work: Nearly final version

Hello, I'm Chinmoy Das from Bangladesh. I'm interested in Film & Tv production. Although, I've completed my diploma in Computer Technology. I participated in the "3min Film Competition & Festival 2022". Where I directed a short film "Anukampa" which has been selected and successfully screened under the management of the Drama and Film Department of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bangladesh. I have taken part in a Production Based Audio-Visual & Theatre Workshop on a research-based project in the Rohingya community in the reputed organization Research Initiatives Bangladesh (RIB) & The University of Queensland Australia at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. During this period a theatre production and a process documentary film of that theatre production, “Kurma (The turtle that brings equilibrium)” has been produced. Completing the "3 Days Long Film Certificate Course" exploring the major components of History of Film, Film Language, Script Writing, Camera, Light, Sound, Editing, and Practical Fieldwork. This work will shape my future and guide me to keep the inspiration. more...

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