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I decided to tell the story of a conflicted mother-daughter relationship stimulated by concerns and profound interest in love/hate ambivalence, illness, heritage, and the carer's role in the nuclear family. I wanted to explore and discover to an extent how complex and contradictory family dynamics are. A feeling that children and parents build a cage for each other where they feel both safe and imprisoned. I felt this would resonate universally, especially with Latin Americans who create such a strong bond with mothers.

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1999. He studied Communication at University of Lima. In 2021, he won the first place in the contest Corto de Boleto from University of Lima and participated in the film lab organized by Festival Render de Cine Universitario with Blanca, his short film project. He worked as a script supervisor in the Peruvian feature film Pirú. La hija buena (Mother's daughter) is his first short film. more...

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