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Garfield, an curious distracted young delivery man, is tasked with mail delivery to the mythical creatures of the past and the humans of today. One day he messes up.

I'm inspired by liminal space and how people and culture use myth and story to form and practice there identity and beliefs. I believe that liminal space is a place to grow and learn about self.

This is the first draft of ACT I

Grand Rapids, MI, USA
I’ve gotten the chance to act, sing, dance, write and direct for both film and Theatre. But, for me, it all comes down to story no matter what I’m doing. I’ve fallen in love with the people, moments, places and things of the inbetween. Liminal space. Currently, my goals are to get a solid feature script done. Then from that write a short that I can shoot. I love colaborating and working with others! There is always something new to learn. -Robbie more...

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