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A rookie kaiju's plans for devastation and destruction are jeopardized after getting lost in the suburbs on his way to the big city, where he must deal with the most heinous monster of all: the HOA!

Bailey is an award-winning independent filmmaker, striving to entertain by making films that tell authentic stories, whether it be about giant monsters in the suburbs or demonic whiteboards. Bailey prides himself on connecting with talented creatives to work with and encouraging a collaborative process that brings out the best work in everyone, as well as stroking his ego by devising unique ideas for films. His latest short film, "Kaijuburbia!" has screened at over 20+ film festivals across four continents, including the Alexandria Film Festival, Night of Comedy Shorts, and LA Indie Horror Fest. He hopes to one day direct a big Hollywood film so that he can workshop his stand-up material on the red carpet at the Oscars. more...

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