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In the summer of 2023, I moved to a temporary sub-lease place to save money upon graduation. Jobless, I searched for the cheapest housing option without knowing who I was living with. All I had was their phone number. Our schedules never aligned and I was only able to know them through groceries and text. Subconsciously, I automatically made assumptions about their gender and race. And I was gravely mistaken. “Icing on Her Cake” is my reaction to this experience.

As a Chinese Indonesian-born filmmaker, Cedric Christophorus aspires to tell human-curated, empathy-driven stories and bring his unique cultural perspective to the entertainment industry through the intersections of religion, gender, and race. He currently works at the social impact arm of Ava DuVernay's media collective, ARRAY, as well as independently distributing social content and short films through @cinemainclusion, where he aims to champion quality films, highlight the underrepresented, and make filmmaking education accessible. more...

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