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A human rights attorney is asked to defend her husband's Saudi mistress, to prevent her deportation and thus her execution. This moral dilemma unfolds at her best friend's Christmas holiday dinner that she unexpectedly shows up to.

This short was developed from a pilot concept. Two professional women are called upon to question everything that they have valued. Will their marriages and their careers survive the decision they ultimately have to make. Inevitably they cross the line of law and they find lawlessness delicious.

As an older women we are often invisible. There is some freedom in that to write, observe and take action. I write about marginalized women, women in danger and 'dangerous' women. I write about brilliant women who’s stories don’t get told. Common women who find themselves in situations to be brave when they don't want to be. I also love to take on streriotypes of women and over turn sacred cows. The worst being that women are petty, jealous creatures. We are taught to be our own worst enemy. Time to change the narrative. THE PHYSICS OF KILLING, A short, about sisters who join the resistance, killing Nazi's in the forest. it has won several awards and a writers credit on IMDb 2021. Little Sugar, quarter finalist on Screencraft 2020 /Groundless, TV episodic. WHERE THE ONLY GROUND TO STAND ON IS THE GROUND YOU TAKE. Moonshiners Fate an original Musical. And award winning web series We're Not Dead Yet You tube 2 seasons. All can be found on Sandracruze.com or Twoheadsarebetterproductions.com more...

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