About this submission

I feel strongly about creating films that invite viewers to reflect internally. This film was created in collaboration with my good friend/producer of the film (Natalie Marinides) who has Alopecia. The film is based directly on Natalie's personal experiences in public as a bald woman.

The goal of our film is to reach the eyes of viewers who have never met anyone with Alopecia, and to show them how to or how to not interact with bald individuals in public. It serves a reminder that many people with visible differences want to be treated the same as any other stranger.

Trisha Pickelhaupt (she/her) is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who approaches her work with a dedication to curiosity, quality, and collaboration. She has experience in both news/documentary and editorial environments. Trish specializes in video + audio capture, directing, producing, editing, and creative direction. more...

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