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As a kid, I used to experience what is called Hyperphantasia. A phenomenon that allows for one to see what their imagination is producing. I wanted to reminisce on that experience and bring that type of imagination to the world. So that other people who experience it know that they are special and should use it creatively.

Emerson is a Chicago-based filmmaker that graduated from Columbia College Chicago. He has worked on film productions since 2016, beginning with the 48 Hour Film Festival. He began editing and filming once he started making YouTube videos as a kid. During high school, he started taking film and animation classes to learn more about the craft. By senior year, he produced the school’s morning news and acted in the school theater productions. Freshman year of college he began working on film productions every other weekend, where he gained hands-on experience and built connections with fellow students. He also worked with the Midwest Emmy Awards as a social media photographer and was able to attend and work with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for three years. Emerson will have worked on over 100 productions independently as a freelancer both paid and volunteer. He has mostly worked as a location sound mixer or videographer in the past two years as a freelancer. He plans to work his way into the DGA, or Local 476 as a sound mixer so that he can work on feature films while also making his own productions as a director or sound mixer. more...

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