Director Aneesh Chaganty and Producer Sev Ohanian ​discuss their unique creative relationship​ and inspired collaboration.​
Key Insights
  • Start small. Explore your collaboration chemistry and working styles before leaping into a major commitment.
  • Lean into your collaborator's strengths and allow them to complement your weaknesses.
  • Resolve conflict privately. Protect the crew from your problems.
  • Like any relationship, strive to make your collaborator shine and be the best they can be.
Producer, Writer
Sev Ohanian is a writer/producer who’s been a producer on 13 feature films – including Sundance films Fruitvale Station, Results, and The Intervention. more...
Director, Writer
Aneesh Chaganty is a 25-year-old writer/director whose two-minute short film, a Google Glass spot called SEEDS, became an internet sensation after garnering more than one million YouTube views in 24 hours. more...

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