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It's an animated film that is written by my closest friend, who happens to be one of the directors. I'm one of the directors of the film as well. Heads up, this is my friend's very first short film script, and there are many errors with the format. I'm looking for as much feedback as I can, so I can improve it and make it the best it can be!

Present stage of this work: First draft or cut

I'm an aspiring filmmaker with a huge passion. My goal is to create projects that can bring people together, be remembered for generations, and change the world. My attention to detail is the importance of wanting the audience to connect visually with my work. I also drive to send a voice to inspire others. Having autism, lived through personal experiences, not many people can share a voice for change. My abilities as a hard worker, excellent time manager, communicator, fast learner, and problem-solver can help my team get the job done. I hope to share my projects with you. more...

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