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"Hlf pSt nInE " is about an eccentric writer is released from a mental facility after an unsuccessful suicide attempt and returns to the comfort of home and the arms of his wife. Shortly thereafter, despite news of an impending career triumph and the reassurances of his loving wife, the writer suspects he is the soon-to-be victim of a murder plot hatched by his good friend/agent and his wife. As his carefully constructed recovery program falls apart, the writer turns to his one and only confidant -- the ancient typewriter who provided him with all his masterpieces.

I am a writer with credits on "Law & Order" and other network one hour dramas. Currently developing a one hour drama franchise "Vice Squad."

Douglas Stark
Glendale, CA, USA
Writer/Filmmaker with one hour drama experience looking for partners to produce smart, gripping features and binge-worthy series.

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