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Haven examines the dangers of trust and how adults can be blind to adolescent trauma. A black man questions his notion of a safe place, then finds disturbing beings in his home. It is ultimately a story of forgiveness, which hits home in my struggle to mend my relationship with my father, serving as a reminder that despite any circumstance, moving forward with love is always an option.

Corey Emanuel Jr is a 24-year-old Guyanese American writer/director and New Jersey native. His work delves into relationship dynamics offering subtle social commentary through original stories. His films have won awards from Los Angeles Film Awards, Venice Shorts, and Kosice International and have premiered on platforms like Omeleto, Film Shortage, and BronxNet TV. Corey strives to highlight and honor African American culture through distinctive thriller, horror, and sci-fi concepts that feature people of color. He is currently developing a proof of concept for what he aims will be his first feature film titled 'Death in Her Arms'. more...

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