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The Reason I chose this story was beacuse I've never had or experienced depression and its void. The constant negative self-talk was the worst for me personally. So, I wanted to show a glimpse of my reality and perspective of how it feels to go through it. How i think the feeling of touching rock bottom feels like for me, and hopefully with my message i can spread some positivity that at the end is all a matter of perspective and taking action.

Juan Camilo Moreno was born in Colombia but moved to the United States as a teenager, which exposed him to various cultures and traditions. He has always been passionate about telling stories through dance and movement, a passion he acquired from his parents, who are still dance teachers and performers to this day. Juan Camilo started experimenting with music at a young age and learned to play several instruments, including the guitar, tambora, and congas. He deeply connected with music and enjoyed immersing himself in it over time. At 17, he followed his passion and became a professional dancer, achieving a significant accomplishment by placing in the top three in the world of ballroom salsa. Being involved in the entertainment industry allowed him to witness various forms of creativity, which is when he discovered his passion for cinematography. This gave him a new creative outlet to express his art through a camera lens instead of dance, enabling him to convey a broader range of emotions to the audience. Juan Camilo’s experience on stage made it easier for him to understand the dynamics of the audience when it came to storytelling, which created a passion and taste for it that only grew by the minute. more...

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