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In the hyper-busy world today, it is easy to become overwhelmed and feel disconnected from one’s environment. I aimed to capture a feeling of disillusionment, where, despite living a seemingly idyllic life, my young character Casey can’t understand why she still is not happy. I wanted to create a meaningful juxtaposition of beautiful scenery and melancholy emotion, capturing Athens, Georgia in its most enchanting season while critiquing its beauty as being not without sadness. I hope this film serves as a reflective and relatable experience for audiences navigating their own moments of disconnection.

Rebecca Levy is a student pursuing a degree in Entertainment and Media Studies at the University of Georgia’s Grady College. Studying a studio art minor and a new media certificate, she strives to merge storytelling with the expression of visual art. An executive officer of UGA’s “Writers’ Room” organization, she loves to participate in the Georgia film community. Prior to her most recent film “Fall,” Rebecca wrote and assistant directed a 12 minute short film entitled “Cash Only,” and directed, produced, and wrote for a 6 episode web series called “Roman Tragedy.” Rebecca was selected as a student juror at the 2024 Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, and she strives to create relatable films that showcase the beauty in ordinary, often ugly, human nature. more...

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