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Pablo and Tomas go to Pascualina's house with a single mission: to discover the secret ingredient of his Nonna's pasta. Will they be able to achieve it?

A very fun short film that narrates one of the greatest Italian-Venezuelan experiences. With an incredible team with which we set out to make this short in a week. Selected at the short film festival of the Fare Cinema 2021 the Italian Immigrant, the contest of the Italian embassy in Venezuela.

In the simple moments of our lives, we find the richest stories / In our struggles, we find the courage to create. Italian-Venezuelan director, graduated in mass media at UCAB (Ve) 2021, was selected for the Cinemadamare Young Filmmakers Festival Italy. She has participated in more than 30 audiovisual productions in Venezuela and Italy. Her short films as director have been presented in various places such as Caracas, Marseille, Milan, Lignano and Pisa. more...

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