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Someone is killing the boys of the streets of Hollywood and a father discovers his son may have been a victim. Everything the father did wrong now crashes in on him. He must find his son, entering the abyss of street life in Hollywood, not even knowing if the boy is dead or alive.

The year is 1998, back when we found sex the old-fashioned way … on street corners, not hookup apps on our smartphones. It’s those Hollywood street corners where the boys thrown out of their homes for being gay would end up. Their struggle to survive means being used and abused by men who cruise the boulevards and pay boys for sex. It’s a disgusting environment, but for too many boys, it’s real.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Have created stories as short films, screenplays, videos, and movies. Need to do more. Have been Above-the-Line, various crew, and talent. more...

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