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The COVID-19 Pandemic strained a lot of my interpersonal relationships in a hard-hitting way. I was evacuated from China and had to leave my friends behind. I developed a growing cognitive dissonance between my external and internal, nothing felt real and I neglected maintaining my friendships from across the globe.
As life began to stir again and the world started to recover, I realised how the loss of human connection was a serious heartbreak that impacted my life.
Convergence is the exploration of relationships, how disconnection makes us feel lost and the ways in which we can rebuild ourselves again.

Maya Marzuki Peters
Maya is an award-winning Irish-Indonesian filmmaker known for her bold and playful style. She is skilled at creating visually striking and detailed environments and has a talent for eliciting authentic performances from actors, as well as crafting provocative set designs and utilizing dynamic camera techniques.

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