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In today's socially complex world, where questions of identity, fairness, equality, and what is the right way forward are increasingly complex, making ethical decisions may never have been more difficult. Although the search for some kind of moral through line we can all agree on may well be a Quixotic one, it is one that we must take, even if it only leads us to the foundations of our thought.
The truth is, ethically speaking, most of us haven't updated our moral training since childhood. As adults however, we are faced with ethical issues at work, home and in society that our childhood morality simply can't handle well. In this short work I hope to illustrate the potential complexity of even the simplest of situations, and the importance of training the mind to be aware of and to make distinctions - very important distinctions - that are the basis of making better decisions.

Richard Verlaan
Toronto, ON, Canada
Emerging filmmaker making his move on the mid-life turn.

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