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In my short film, I explore what it was like growing up Asian American and how that influenced my relationship with food and my body. We often sacrifice our sanity in pursuit of some impossible ideal, but I wanted to showcase the journey of breaking that cycle. I chose to combine experimental film, dance, music, and documented voice-over to tell this story in order to fully express the range of emotions that come with body insecurities. I shared this personal story because now more than ever, I am realizing the importance of accurate representation of Asian American women.

I am a Gates Millenium Scholar and graduate of NYU Tisch where I majored in film & television and minored in psychology and business. My most recent film has gained coverage from NBC News, Connecticut American Paper, and Elite Daily. I am currently receiving my Masters in nutrition and finishing my short film Somewhere in Love which was selected for the Tisch finishing grant. I hope to combine all my passions to create a better world. more...

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