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41 Ross is a historic art studio tucked into the oldest alleyway in San Francisco’s Chinatown. In 2022, a couple of kids were looking for a home, got the keys, and decided to shake things up. This is their master plan and how they hope it changes Chinatown and San Francisco. Have fun, or else.

Spencer Tsang hails from a prestigious lineage of kitchen workers, teachers, and poor immigrants. His great grandfather owned a restaurant in San Francisco's Chinatown and his grandmother was illiterate. On a surface level, nothing about his family history points towards a life of creation. Look deeper, and one would notice a pattern of making something wonderful from scraps. His sensibility around creating is similar. His filmmaking occurs primarily through Lucky Rabbit Pictures - the production studio he founded with his friends, sometimes known as the creative collective - "The Rabbits." There, he directs, produces, animates, and writes. His inspirations come in different forms. The spacious worlds of Hayao Miyazaki, South Park's heinous satire, the eerie surrealism of Donald Glover's Atlanta, the graphic novels Bones, 90's print ads, the nostalgia of Polaroid cameras, and pop culture, namely, memes and basketball. Though most associated with moving images, he is experimenting with different ways to express himself. Art direction, modeling, acting, interviewing his friends, and cooking. A suicide survivor and mental health advocate himself, Tsang's work reflects his deep interests such as bridging connectivity between people, the sacredness behind a good question, and memories. His work has been described as "a strong sensibility for preserving and capturing feelings." more...

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