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Susan drops her job as a popular lecturer at college, to ‘widen her horizon’ as the ad for the job in the new public Unit for drinking water announces. She is pinioned from day one. That spurs her to organize the other locally hired officials in a kind of underground group. Their resistance against the authorities culminates when children, poisoned by local drinking water are hospitalized. The group now engages in a shrewd way to make the minister admit that his proclamations about the water’s safety are bullshit.
The script is close to reality, based on my knowledge and experience. It is a first draft.

After working as a sociologist for three decades, I trained as a screenwriter. I have written several scripts. BITTER BEEANS has won prestigious awards and 71 points at Slated; A FATAL CURE has won some awards; HANG ON has only a first draft and BULLSHIT is i early development. All scripts are dramas about social issues and with female protagonists. more...

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